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Complete pet care

General Medicine, Surgery, Ultrasound, Endoscopy, Radiology, Grooming, Vet Products, Cat & Dog Food

Established in 2007 by Dr Adnan El Aji, we endeavour to provide the best possible medical, surgical and dental care, while optimising the long-term health and wellness of our highy-valued patients through preventive medicine.


We treat dogs, cats, rabbits, small mammals, exotic pets and birds. We also provide mobile primary and emergency care for equine patients in surrounding areas. 

We aim to provide the best veterinary care in Essaouira and to build lasting relationships with our clients based on trust and open communication. 


Voluntary Work

Helping the street cats of Essaouira

We work closely with HSAM (Help the Street Animals of Morocco), a charitable British organisation whose mission is to create a healthy cat and dog population in Essaouira by sterilising, treating and vaccinating against rabies.


If street animals continue to breed unchecked, the higher numbers of animals living in closer proximity to each other would inevitably lead to a higher incidence of disease.


Sterilisation is pivotal in maintaining a sustainable, healthy population and in preventing animals being born into an uncertain future.


Our primary goal is to provide at least 75% of cats that we sterilise with a rabies vaccination and annual booster, as recommended by The World Health Organisation to combat this widespread but preventable disease.

More information can be found on the HSAM website:

HSAM – Help The Street Animals of Morocco

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